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About us

Controluce was born in 1994 when Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, biologist and painter, met Cora De Maria and Alberto Jona, musicians, in Turin, Italy. The idea was to join pictorial arts and the...



"Controluce Shadow Theatre" is a mixture of arts, genres and languages. Features performances with music, motion images, painting and literature...



Controluce's workshops are mainly a path into contemporary Shadows Theatre, following the company's 20 years old experience in staging performances inspired from modern and classic music, often opera. All aspects are included, from technique requirements to construction of puppets, but mainly drammaturgy and stage direction are involved.



Controluce Performances:
dates, times and locations.

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Latest news

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Reportage about DIDO? AENEAS! at Labasti…

Reportage about DIDO? AENEAS! at Labastide d'Armagnac

                  DIDO?AENEAS! reprise Sa. 26. September 2015 21.00Labastide d'Armagnac, Landes (F)Novantik Project Basel & Controluce Teatro d'Ombre   FOTOREPORTAGE

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Knowst thou the land where the lemon tre…

Knowst thou the land where the lemon trees bloom?

  Knowst thou the land where the lemon trees bloom? Controluce's shadows for Wolf's Lieder at the season of Milan G. Verdi Conservatory EXPO more info

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Reportage by Monica Luccisano on "E…

Reportage by Monica Luccisano on "Effetto Arte"

Monica Luccisano publish a reportage about Controluce Teatro d'Ombre in the magazine Effetto Arte LINK

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logo-incantiFrom 1994 Controluce has organized and directed the International Figure Theatre Festival INCANTI

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