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About us

CONTROLUCE was born in 1994 when Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, painter, met Cora De Maria and Alberto Jona, musicians, in Turin, Italy. The idea was to join pictorial arts and the...



"CONTROLUCE Shadow Theatre" is a mixture of arts, genres and languages. Features performances with music, motion images, painting and literature...



Shadow theatre belongs to a millenary tradition still alive in countries like China, India, Indonesia, Turkey e Greece. Versatile and flexible, it is a subject of special...



Controluce Performances 2012/2013/2014:
dates, times and locations.

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Photoclip/reportage about Gulliver in To…

Photoclip/reportage about Gulliver in Tokyo

A fotoreportage about the performance Gulliver at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Tokyo in June 2014, from photo by Gonzalo Robledo and Shin Yamazawa,has been added to the documentation...

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"Haiku a Tokyo", photo by Gonz…

"Haiku a Tokyo", photo by Gonzalo Robledo

Gonzalo Robledo has shot backstage, rehearsals and performances of Haiku and Gulliver in Tokyo. Furtherly he will deliver a reportage about Haiku with interviews to the pianist, the dancer and...

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"Haiku": London, Tokyo & T…

"Haiku": London, Tokyo & Turin!

After the success of the performance in London and Tokyo this year, two versions of HAIKU with two dancers interpreting Dakei's Butoh choreography, will be presented at the Festival...

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logo-incantiFrom 1994 Controluce has organized and directed the International Figure Theatre Festival INCANTI