Starting on 13.10.2018 20:00

butterfly113 October 2018 20:00h.
Congress-Centrum Stadtgarten, Peter-Parler-Saal, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany


project, dramaturgy, staging and direction
Controluce Teatro d’Ombre
Cora De Maria, Alberto Jona,
Jenaro Meléndrez Chas

music Giacomo Puccini
musical arrangements Andrea Chenna
text Rosa Mogliasso
choreografy Antonella Usai and Marco Intraia
light Design Simona Gallo Costumes Sita and Rosa Singh Original silhouettes Cora De Maria
off voice Eliana Cantone

with Antonella Usai, Marco Intraia dance; Elena Campanella, Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas shadows; Wally Vallinotti technique


Paralyzed by the needles like a butterfly on a showcase, Giacomo Puccini lies on his final bed in Bruxelles. A blazing, cherry blossom voice looms over the mysterious shadows that are disturbing his sleepless nights. That’s the starting of Controluce’s new show that makes little Butterfly the hugest heroine in the opera repertoire...

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