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The Walk
The path of Little Amal
Step in Torino: Black Shadows

18th september, 20.30h. and 21.30h.

Piazza Carignano

Little Amal represents 34 million refugee and displaced children, many separated from their families, and her message to the world is don't forget about us!
Over 4 months of travel for more than 8,000 km, Amal left on July 27th from Gaziantep, on the border between Syria and Turkey and she will arrive in November in Manchester (UK).

In Turin, Amal finds herself in a square surrounded by eerie shadows, frightened looking for protection and trying to escape. The big shadow of a dog which drives away all other shadows turns out to be a puppy that becomes her friend and that will accompany her throughout the rest of the trip.

The Turin step of Amal's journey is curated by Teatro Stabile di Torino, Torino Danza, Incanti International Puppet Theatre Festival and Controluce Teatro d'Ombre, in collaboration with Associazione Giuliano Accomazzi and Film Commission Torino Piemonte, thanks to the City of Turin.

𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙒𝘼𝙇𝙆 is the largest traveling festival ever held in favor of the rights of refugee children.


scuola italiana madrid 09/06/2021 Today will take place a public performance of Uscimmo a Riveder le Stelle by the students of Madrid Italian School, on texts by Dante, Primo Levi, Bertold Brecht and Erri de Luca, directed by Antonio Martire and Cristiana Ponsetto.

Schermata 2021 05 08 alle 08.57.13 The Italian Council of Ministers approved the directive establishing the National Day dedicated to Dante Alighieri on 25 March. "Every year, on March 25, date recognized by scholars as the beginning of Divine Comedy's journey into the afterlife, will be celebrated the Dantedì, with many initiatives that will see a strong involvement of schools, students and cultural institutions...”



 Let's Celebrate Dante
            project Tell ourselves in Scene
      controluce logo it
Controluce Teatro d'Ombra will be at the Scuola Italiana di Madrid between 10 and 14 May for the staging and direction of a part of the didactic-performative project Tell ourselves in SceneLet's celebrate Dante”, on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to Dante.
The theme on which the work will be centered, realized in collaboration with Antonio Martire, is the journey to and from hell, from mythical imagery to contemporaneity. On May 14 the performance resulting from the workshop will be open to students and teachers of the school in the Aula Magna from 14:30.

20giornateThe MUFANT Museolab del Fantastico e della Fantascienza di Torino (Museum of Fantastic and Science Fiction of Turin) hosts The Twenty days of Turin, concomitant with the temporary exhibition Note di Paura (Notes of Fear).

Performances dates: 7, 14, 21, 28 May and 4 June at 18,00h.
Maximum audience for each performance 12 people
Tickets: 12€ including performance and Mudeum visit
Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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