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Le Venti Giornate di Torino
dedicated to Guido Ceronetti

at Cetona...
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
23th August  21:30h.


The twenty days of Turin were neither a war nor a revolution, but, as we usually say, a phenomenon of collective psychosis, with what this definition underlies as epidemic

idea, direction and original silhouettes Cora De Maria
stage elements Alice Delorenzi
original music Umberto Fantini
production CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre
Duration 50' circa

organization: Aquilegia per Ceronetti

annafrank1piccolo27 January 2022,  20:00 h.
Teatro Regio di Torino

Il diario di Anna Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank)

Opera monolog in two parts and libretto by Grigorij Frid

Version in Italian language

Translation in Italiano by Rino Alessi
Musical adaptation by Eddi De Nadai

Premiere in Torino

Anna Frank soprano Shira Patchornik
Conductor Giulio Laguzzi

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WhatsApp Image 2021 11 24 at 20.46.06Organized from the Giardino Forbito, with the contribution of Controluce - Shadow Theatre and Fine Arts Accademia Albertina of Turin (Ajani Scenography department), the Rose Garden of Moncalieri's Castle will achieve an impressive display of lights, silhouettes, shapes and colors with the atmosphere of the time in which the ancient lanterns fascinated children and adults with magic projections of colourful pictures in motion.

INAUGURATION Thursday 2nd december 2021

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