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DONNA DI VELENI on Streaming

Donna di veleni Social From Tuesday 17 March, 18:00h., on the social channels of Teatro Coccia you can see the complete opera

Donna di veleni

Opera in one act by Marco Podda
on libretto by Emilio Jona
Conductor Vittorio Parisi
Director Alberto Jona

Visual Imaginery Cora De Maria and Jenaro Melendrez Chas,
Scenografy Alice Derolenzi, original silhouettes Cora De Maria
Shadows Alice De Bacco, Anna Guazzotti, Pierre Jacquemin

characters and performers: Maria Julia Farrés-Llongueras, Ruggero Danilo Formaggia, Donna di Veleni Paoletta Marrocu, Amante Matteo Mezzaro. Villagers, young people Soloists of Teatro Coccia's Accademia AMO.
Dèdalo Ensemble, Coro San Gregorio Magno, Choir of white voices of Teatro Coccia

Premiere: Teatro Coccia, Novara,  Friday 14th february 2019
Coproduction Fondazione Teatro Coccia with Controluce Teatro d’Ombre

A contemporary history with roots in the popular world and in Baroque Sicily. A love triangle on which dominates an imposing female figure, sort of great mother and "Acabadora", who guides the destinies of life, love and death. A poetic lyric libretto that takes its cue from ancient folk "strambotti" and octaves. And finally the shadows theatre, that tells the world now dark or oneiric that holds the mechanism of the opera.

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