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Christmas in Controluce

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 24 at 20.46.06Organized from the Giardino Forbito, with the contribution of Controluce - Shadow Theatre and Fine Arts Accademia Albertina of Turin (Ajani Scenography department), the Rose Garden of Moncalieri's Castle will achieve an impressive display of lights, silhouettes, shapes and colors with the atmosphere of the time in which the ancient lanterns fascinated children and adults with magic projections of colourful pictures in motion.

INAUGURATION Thursday 2nd december 2021

Thus the projection of silhouettes will transform the Rose Garden of the Moncalieri's Castle into a world elsewhere and enchanted, in which the white roses of the flower beds, some still blooming, will enjoy the shade of palm trees and rows of camels protruding on the brick walls of the castle. The large tree in the center of the Garden will turn into an unprecedented Christmas Magnolia and the lanterns of the porches will be dyed green in solidarity with those lanterns that in these cold months on the borders of Europe signal reception and help to refugees.
The Nativity and the crib will be revealed by the material scenography created by the students of the Albertina Academy that will give the shadows of Controluce Shadows Theare an enveloping and warm feeling.

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