Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.17.32   Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.24.33   Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.23.57   Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.25.23   Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.24.49   Schermata 2020 04 30 alle 15.25.06

The carnival of the animals



Music Camille Saint-Saëns

Project, staging and direction Controluce Teatro d'Ombre

Text Jacopo Masini

Original silhouettes Cora De Maria

With Cora De Maria, Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, Claudio Dughera

Production Unione Musicale di Torino onlus, inside the project Atelier Giovani

Collaboration Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani onlus

live music performance

Debut, february 2011, Teatro Vittoria of Turin with Trio Debussy and the Ensemble Atelier Giovani of Turin

presentation  |  technical rider  |  text (IT)  press cuts  |  videoclip  |  video  |  reportage  photos

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