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"ORF-AGE" CSI Lugano

orfage3a ORF-AGE

Theatrical workshop on Monteverdi and Cage

Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
3rd - 9th February 2019

Final performance on 9th February at 20:30h.
Aula Magna of Conservatory

Idea: Luisa Castellani

Staging: Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
Direction: Alberto Jona
Shadow theatre: Jenaro Meléndrez Chas

With: Giovanni Baraglia, Juan Bernal, Laura Bevacqua, Lorenza Donadini, Pinar Dönmez, Serge-Etienne Freytag, Minji Kim, Emanuela La Porta, Marta Moraru, Nuno Santos, Laura Stella, Karolina Zielinska e Gaja Basic, Sara Capone, Jonas Morkünas, Andrea Pedrazzini, Mirjana Tadic


ORF / AGE is the third moment of the project by Luisa Castellani for the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland with the company Controluce in order to make baroque music and contemporary music dialogue through shadow theater. The project offers graduate students of the Conservatory of Lugano the opportunity to work in a staging in which different gestural languages cohabit, from baroque to contemporary theater, using shadow theater both as a scenic world and especially as a possibility to investigate the psychology of the characters; shadow as double, unconscious, unsaid, dream, afterlife.
Monteverdi and John Cage meet thanks to the myth of Orpheus, which allows us to sound out fundamental elements of the poetics of both: sound, silence, space. The Orfeo di Monteverdi (1607) and the Songs and Litany by John Cage investigate the profound meaning of music and being, becoming theatrical action through the ephemeral and magical suggestion of the shadows.

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