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Butterfly blues - Press cuts


T7 "It was a magic evening, music, backlight games, fantastic scenery evoked by mysterious drapes, a feast for eyes that lasted almost two hours, and it seemed to me a moment, leaving me a sense of fascination that I rarely experienced after a theatrical performance" Gabriele Ferraris

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"On stage the shadows, crafted with absolute mastery by the animators of Controluce, on different layers (flamboyant paintings of varied colors, huge fans, luminous fabrics characterizing the atmospheres of the story) create a poetically perfect scenic mechanism inside which Antonella Usai and Marco Intraia moved, testifying that art can win even over death" Mario Bianchi

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"An intense and poetic show, at the same time gloomy and, in some ways, in its own way crudely realistic, disturbing, but also - please allow the oxymoron - mild, delicate, elusive, enigmatic, and visionary ... ... one leaves the show touched and restless, forced to question oneself in the mysteries of being. That only art and specially music can help us, if not to understand, at least to intuit"
Attilio Piovano

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PAC"... an unusual encounter between the composer, lying on a bed waiting for death, and his most famous - and unfortunate - heroine, Cho Cho-San, an immortal figure of all seduced and abandoned women in history ... ...A fascinating and sophisticated baroque show, in which a certain non-affected aesthetic joins the will of experimentation and the genuine passion for melodrama" Laura Bevione

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"It is a singular tribute to Puccini and "Madama Butterly" the "Butterly Blues" show that CONTROLUCE Theater of Shadows presents at the Teatro dell'Arte in Milan on December 6th at 20.45 within the project "Madama Butterfly in the City" organized by the City of Milan around the inaugural show of the Teatro alla Scala season" NEWS/CLASSICA

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"The new show of CONTROLUCE Company anticipates one day before the Scala and makes Small Butterfly the most giant of the heroines imagined by Giacomo Puccini. The shining flame of this shadow theater, at ease in Japan as in the Kate Bush's comeback as well, changes the perspective and twisted its proportions, bringing in the scene the dazzling abysses of the puccini unconscious"

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