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Workshops by Controluce

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Poetic and techniques of
Controluce Teatro d'Ombre

Workshop with two or three teachers for a maximum of 20 participants and a minimum of 2 meetings of 5 hours on consecutive days.

The aim of the workshop is to propose an overview over  contemporary shadow theatre following the experience of our company. For the quality of using materials easy to find, shadow theatre is enormously suited for didactic paths, since for its realization rather than expenses are required imagination, creativity and team spirit.






aimed to festivals, theatre companies, schools...

A workshop centered on...
a specific myth?
a particulare theme?

write us directly to

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Please find documentation about
past workshops here>





Shadows and Surroundings
workshops for primary schools

In the 2019 edition of INCANTI International Puppet Theatre Festival, the experimentation of workshops in Grugliasco primary schools, carried out in collaboration with the city of Grugliasco within the PIP project, has achieved broad participation and received great interest.

For this reason Controluce is proposing a program of shadow theatre workshops aimed at elementary schools, opening the project to other schools in Turin and surroundings for the 2019/2020 school year, with the aim of spreading Puppet Theatre in general and in particular Shadow Theatre among the younger generations.                    +info >

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