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Shadows at Opera

Anima International Festival 2020 Cagliari

30th and 31st October 2020

CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre Workshop

Shadows at Opera
collective imagination of a shadows scene for an aria of Verdi's Don Carlo

slshow4 Shadow Theatre can deal with dense and difficult themes. The eastern shadow theatre taught CONTROLUCE to tell great stories, the founding myths of Man. Every performance is born in a choral way, it is a team work. Music is our starting point, as training, as passion. When finally an opera's complete staging commission arrived to us, it was a real achievement...

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Workshop "ORF-AGE" al CSI Lugano

orfage3a ORF-AGE

workshop on Monteverdi and Cage

Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
3rd - 9th february 2019

final performance on 9th february 20:30h
Aula Magna of Conservatorio

Concept: Luisa Castellani

Staging: Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
Direction: Alberto Jona
Shadows Theatre: Jenaro Meléndrez Chas

With: Giovanni Baraglia, Juan Bernal, Laura Bevacqua, Lorenza Donadini, Pinar Dönmez, Serge-Etienne Freytag, Minji Kim, Emanuela La Porta, Marta Moraru, Nuno Santos, Laura Stella, Karolina Zielinska e Gaja Basic, Sara Capone, Jonas Morkünas, Andrea Pedrazzini, Mirjana Tadic


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Workshop "Questions on the Minotaur" Dramaturgy and Direction of Shadow Theatre

schwaebisch gmuend workshop Questions on the Minotaur


Questions on the Minotaur
Dramaturgy and Direction of Shadow Theatre

Mo. 15.10.2018, 13:30 – 17:30
Tu. 16.10.2018, 13:30 – 17:30
Kulturzentrum Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Workshop Language: English


Controluce company has been looking at the myth of the minotaur.
In this workshop participants can share and be involved in the problems associated with the dramaturgical and practical transformation of this material into a shadow theatre production. The workshop allows them to immerge more deeply into the possibilities offered by contemporary shadow theatre with its multimedial and surprisingly creative resources and into the tools and concepts which Controluce has at hand.

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shadows workshop at Giavera festival "eyes open to the world"

IMG 20180708 115848 1piccola

Controluce Teatro d'Ombre workshop
23º Giavera Festival
7 / 8 July 2018
Crossroad of encounters and cultures
Villa Wassermann's Park
Giavera di Montello

Microworkshop by CONTROLUCE at 23º Giavera Festival/Crossroad of encounters and cultures.
With Stefano Donà, Marta Zago, Cinzia Scott, Elena Carnio, Arianna Donà, Valeria De Marchi, Francesco Babolin, Elda, Marguerita, Laura, Nadia, Dario, Abdullah, Sigun ...

videoclip (with an extract of the final presentation)

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